Irving bid featured on That's Oxfordshire


Alex Meakin from That's Oxfordshire TV made an excellent short piece about the Irving bid.


Our aim is to get at least 1000 of you to contribute £5 or £10 to our Just Giving page to demonstrate the breadth of support for the project.



Event: Affordable Housing in Oxfordshire - Can the Housing White Paper deliver?

Affordable Housing in Oxfordshire - Can the Housing White Paper deliver?

6pm-8pm, Thursday 23rd March 2016

Snow Room, John Henry Brookes Building, Oxford Brookes University, Headington Campus, London Road

Irving Building now on the market.........

We're at an advanced stage of working up our bid with Homes for Oxford for the Irving Building. OCLT will be the bidding organisation with the funds to pay for the site. Deadline is noon April 7th.  A very exciting new requirement from the vendors is that the successful bidder will build a hall on the part of the Irving site adjacent to the existing Comper Nursery School.  Help us secure this wonderful building for the first community-led housing project in the city where at least 50% of the homes will be genuinely and permanently affordable.

OCLT is bidding with Homes for Oxford for the Irving Building in East Oxford

We're deligthed to say we're working with Homes for Oxford to assemble a bid for the Irving Building in East Oxford. This was announced at our recent AGM. More info below, but if you're short of time but want to help then you can donate to our bid costs by clicking here 

August Update - 2016 AGM Agenda

Date: 7-9pm Wednesday 21st September 2016
Location: TSK Turl Street

A Community Land Trust (a CLT) is an organisation set up to own and manage land by and for a local community. Through this organisation, the land is owned by the community in perpetuity and used for the explicit benefit of that community. It might be used for any purpose which benefits the community to which it is linked: housing, workspace, leisure or horticulture. There are various legal structures which can underpin a CLT (read more) but one key aspect of the idea is that the land cannot be sold off for private gain. Through this mechanism (called an asset lock), the CLT aims to ensure permanent and affordable access to the land for whichever purpose the community needs.

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One of the biggest needs, even in this time of recession, is to provide land for affordable housing. Increasing numbers of working people find it difficult or impossible to find a secure and affordable place to live. There is also a great shortage of social housing and many working families have no access to them. (read more section to include stats about numbers waiting in Oxon, ratios of average price to av earnings). CLTs offer a way to provide permanently affordable land (it is permanently owned by the community so doesn’t keep going up in value) for housing and other local needs.

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A CLT organisation is set up by a local group of people who get together to DO something to ensure there are more affordable assets for that community.  These could be for housing, workspace, food production or leisure. There are various legal mechanisms which can underpin this. OCLT is an Industrial and Provident Society for the Benefit of the Community.  

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We were registered as an Industrial and Provident society in December 2004 and have been meeting regularly ever since (read more about who we are). In June 2008 we began the process of acquiring a small piece of land in Cumnor Parish (read more under Projects). We aim to build half a dozen affordable homes on this land once Thames Water has replaced the current sewage system. We hope to be able to begin on site by 2012.

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